How to Work Out in Small Spaces

How to Work Out in Small Spaces

If you do not have enough space to work out at home, do not fret for we have got you covered. Whether you are renting a tiny apartment or sharing a room with your friends/siblings or you are in a hostel/PG, there is always a way to make room to start exercising. You can get personalized guidance by joining our online fitness classes or our personal training classes in Mumbai.

In this article, we share with you the different ways on how you can work out even in small spaces.

The “No Space” Workout

More often than not, when we find ourselves in a pickle we tend to make excuses. For instance, when we cannot go to the gym or do not have enough space or equipment at home, we delay our workout and eventually fall into a pattern of avoiding it altogether. Well, no more!

There are still so many workout routines you can do even in a small space and without any equipment.

Push Ups

You do not need a lot of space to do push-ups and they are the perfect upper-body exercise. From traditional push-ups to difficult tricep push-ups as well as hand-release push-ups, all will take up minimum space while working out different parts of your body.

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  • Begin by lying flat on your stomach and chest on the floor. Your legs should be straight behind you, your palms at chest level, and your arms bent out at an angle of 45 degrees.
  • Exhale as you push off the ground with your hands and heels, raising your chest, torso and thighs.
  • Pause in the plank position for a second — ensure that your core is engaged.
  • Inhale as you gradually lower yourself back to how you started from the top.


Walking lunges are a popular lower-body exercise. They require more balance and also are more difficult than regular lunges, but they are equally beneficial. It strengthens your calves, hamstrings, glutes, and other leg muscles while also improving your balance.

You can make this workout more challenging by grabbing some weights such as a big bottle filled with water if you do not have dumbbells.

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  • Stand tall keeping your feet shoulder-width apart. Your hands can rest by your sides on your hips.
  • Step your right leg forward landing on your heel.
  • In a lunge position, bend the right knee and lower it parallel to the floor. Take a breather for a beat.
  • Moving your left foot forward without moving your right leg, repeat the movement on the left leg. In a lunge position, pause with your left leg parallel to the floor.
  • Rep, “walking” forward as you lunge and alternating legs.
  • Perform 10 to 12 repetitions on each leg. Perform two to three sets.


Squats are a popular lower-body workout for both men and women, and there are many variations. It is perfect to work out your entire body. Squats have the added benefit of being among the most time-efficient moves for shaping as well as strengthening your lower body, particularly your backside. Because it engages all of the major muscle groups in the lower body at the same time, you can squat your way to an athletic person.


  • Place your feet ensuring that it is shoulder-width apart.
  • Bending your knees, start pushing your hips back, and stop when your hip joint is marginally lower than your knees.
  • Return to the starting position by pressing your heels down to the floor.
  • Continue until the set is finished.

Mountain Climbers

Mountain climbers are excellent for increasing cardio endurance, core strength, and agility, and if you want to try something different, try sliding mountain climbers, which are similar to standard mountain climbers but have sliding discs under your feet. Towels or socks can be used instead of sliding discs, so there’s no need to worry about equipment.


  • Both your knees as well as hands should be placed on the floor.
  • Now, bring your right foot close to the right hand. Then your left foot should be extended behind you.
  • While ensuring that your arms remain in the same position, switch your legs in one quick motion.
  • Now, for two more times, continue to switch your legs back and forth.

High Knees

High knees can be used as a war-up, as a cardio burst in between resistance training exercises, or as part of a HIIT workout. It gets your heart rate up, activates your lower and core muscles, and causes you to sweat quickly.

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  • Stand tall with your feet hip-width apart. Then ensure that your arms are at your sides.
  • Open your chest and make sure that your core muscles are engaged while looking straight ahead.
  • Next bring your right knee up to your chest, just above your waist. Then in a motion as if you are pumping, move your left hand up at the same time.
  • Your right leg as well as your left hand should be lowered as quickly as possible.
  • Rep with your right leg and hand.
  • Alternate between your right as well as your left leg for as long as you can.


The next time you want to start your exercise or weight loss journey, never allow small spaces or lack of equipment to discourage you from starting it. We hope this article helps you in finding the right workout routines for you.

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