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6262 Fitness Studio Workout Plan Your ultimate fitness regime

Begin workout transformation at our dedicated, well equipped fitness studio gym and become better, fitter and healthier.



    (MON, WED & FRI)


    What do we target?

    • Shred the extra fat from your body- become better, fitter and healthier
    • Building the lean muscle mass adds strength and vitality to your body and mind
    • Sustainable with long-term results. Something that you can flaunt and be proud of
    • A healthy, clean and nutritious eating habits as your lifestyle.
    • A 3 day training schedule followed by rest to help you enhance your body and mental well-being
    • Goal-oriented fitness strategy to achieve results 
    • Personalised training by master coach Amit Dahiya & his team
    • We begin with total commitment and expect you to be equally committed to your body and diet regimen to achieve your targeted goals.
    • We target goal approach strategy and guide you as per your unique fitness level and form.

    Things we keep in mind:
    COVID appropriate norms

    • We follow all government SOP’s
    • Both workout studio’s are well sanitised and follow social distancing
    • We keep small batches for better training during these times
    • Morning and evening classes with flexible timings for your ease
    • Every individual goes through the temperature check using the contactless infrared thermal scanners.

    Benefits of 6262 Fitness studio Gym

    • The best part of training at the studio gym is to train with the community of like minded fitness enthusiasts. 
    • Experience best training with studio workout plan specially tailor made for you according to your form and fitness level
    • Shred off all extra fat and gain lean muscle mass
    • Detailed nutrition guidelines provided as per our expert Sports Nutritionist 



    - 3 times/week (Mon, Wed & Fri)

    - Timings Mon | Wed | Fri at studio (4 batches)

    - Morning 2 Batches

    - Evening 2 Batches


    ₹ 6,500/month

    - 3 times/week (Mon, Wed & Fri)

    - Timings Mon | Wed | Fri at studio (5 batches)

    - Morning 3 Batches

    - Evening 2 Batches

    - Complimentary Tue | Thur at studio (4 batches)

    - Morning 7:15 AM and 8:30 AM

    - Evening 6:15 PM and 7:30 PM

    Our Studios

    Bandra Studio

    Prabhadevi Studio



    Fitness classes near me

    Unable to get the right fitness classes around you and spent time endlessly searching for a better studio workout plan. Lock on your search to 6262 fitness studio workout plan and begin your personalised training monitored by master coach Amit Dahiya & his team.

    Fitness center near me

    Throw off your lazy shoes, push yourself out of your comfort zone and join us offline at our Bandra studio and Prabhadevi studio and witness the next level workout transformation and become a better, fitter and healthier you.

    Is it guaranteed that I will lose weight in the studio workout plan?

    Honestly, everything depends on how committed you are for your fitness. If you are training right, eating right and doing everything as we guide, you will see results yourself.

    It is either One Day or Day One.
    You decide.

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