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Getting better, fitter and healthier wasn’t this easy before!

Join our Online fitness classes over Zoom and shred off your lockdown weight gains and work from home stiffness.



    (MON TO FRI)


    What do you get in our Online Fitness Training

    • Everything. You get complete online gym training. Feel the gym at home with our online gym training.
    • A 5 day training schedule followed by 2 days of rest for the next 30 days.
    • A healthy, clean and nutritious diet plan as per our expert Sports Nutritionist. 
    • We help evaluate your measurements before the online workout classes so that we can guide you through the online fitness classes and diet plan according to your fitness level.
    • A perfect blend of exercise and workout with our tailor made online workout classes.
    • Throw yourself out from those lazy shoes, and get some High Intensity Interval Training(HIIT) that can take your workout to another level.
    • You can set your HIIT with any cardio workout, be it running, jumping rope, rowing or using  stair climbing machine.
    • Personalised group classes, personally monitored by our master coach Amit Dahiya & his team that help you reach your fitness goals.

    Why are our 6262 Online Fitness Classes a success?​

    • You get a personalised online workout classes according to your fitness level and form.
    • Enroute to better, fitter and healthier you by being at home with our personalised, scientific approach towards fitness.
    • Specially designed scientific workouts to get that right posture to get rid of small aches and pains
    • Our specialised coaches are always in touch with you for any concern related to your online exercise classes or HIIT or health.
    • We help develop better eating habits with our healthy, clean and nutritious diet regimen.
    • You can join us from any corner of the country and get connected with the fastest fitness community of like minded passionate and committed fitness professionals.
    • You get all levels of online fitness training, starting from beginner, intermediate and advanced.
    • We have witnessed 1500 journeys of transformation. 

    How effective are our Online Gym Training

    • It only begins with commitment. 
    • Follow our online workout classes, stick to the diet regimen, take appropriate rest as guided by the expert Sports Nutritionist to get the right results.
    • Personalised group classes, personally monitored by our master coach Amit Dahiya & his team help you get the right attention and support while you train.
    • We are committed to holistic transformation that helps your body and mind to grow stronger with vitality
    • We focus on mental conditioning along with HIIT that keeps you motivated throughout.
    • The personalised group classes will help you set, examine and reach your weekly fitness goals.
    • When you train right, eat right and repeat, you get the results in your favour.

    Rebuild yourself. Your new lifestyle from your home!

    ₹ 6,999for 30 days

    - 5 times/week

    - Mon to Fri Workouts

    - Morning 2 Batches: 7:15 AM, 8:30 AM

    - Evening 2 Batches: 6:15 PM, 7:30 PM

    - Dumbbells and Resistance Bands Mandatory



    Why do you need online fitness training?

    A perfect blend of exercises, workouts and HIIT to give your body the right fitness training. Every online workout is planned, personalised and approached as per your fitness form and level. Don’t break a nervous sweat if you're gaining weight working from home, save it for your much awaited fitness training (from your home).

    Looking for tailor made online fitness classes?

    Passion gives rise to passion and you are always inspired by fit people around you. Why not become one and lead the way?

    All it takes is total commitment and dedicated diet regimen to be followed with appropriate rest as guided by our experts. 

    6262 online exercise classes are specially designed for you. The exercises and workouts are specially designed scientific workouts to help you develop the right posture and get rid of small aches and pains.

    Online gym training benefits

    Set your gym at your home and begin transforming your body, mind and lifestyle.

    Strengthen your core and get that stability with our functional training and HIIT. 

    Training your mind, rebuild yourself, let’s push ourselves out of our comfort zone. A brand new transformation is waiting for you.

    Get, set, training right.

    Is it guaranteed that I will lose weight through online fitness training?

     Honestly, everything depends on how committed you are towards online workout classes. If you are training right, eating right and doing everything as we guide, you will see results yourself.

    What if I am a beginner with no training equipment?

    That should not be a problem. Only resistance bands and Dumbbells are mandatory. You can purchase these from our dedicated online store along with many other equipment such as Non slip Yoga Tego Mat, professional Hex Dumbbell set, resistance bands, or Ace Blend Vegan Protein,etc.

    It is either One Day or Day One.
    You decide.

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