How online gym classes have become the “New Normal”? 5 reasons to join one!

How online gym classes have become the “New Normal”? 5 reasons to join one!

In an effort to stay healthy and active, many are turning to online fitness classes as a low-cost and safe alternative to traditional gym memberships. The demand for these types of classes has only increased following last year’s pandemic which impacted over 200 countries across the globe (and is also known as “the virus that changed everything”). 

Our online gym classes have also seen a big jump during/after the pandemic. With more people staying home due to the virus, online workout videos are filling up their time and keeping them healthy. 

By participating in an online fitness class, you join groups with other people who are also taking the class. This way, you are able to meet new people (fitness enthusiasts) on apps like Zoom and Google meet who share the same interests. Also, since location is not an issue; it won’t matter if you live in Delhi or Kanyakumari, everybody can join their favourite trainer’s classes. 

So, it is right to say that online gym classes are the “New Normal”. 

In this blog, we have shared some reasons that will entice you enough to join online workout classes. 

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Reason #1. Time and cost-efficient 

Online fitness classes can save you time and money because they allow you to work out from home, in your PJs. 

No need for the expensive gym memberships or gas money commuting there – just get up when it’s convenient for you and go at it! 

And if you’re not quite ready for a full class but want some accountability, online workouts offer that too through instructor-led videos. A lot of people find themselves logging on every day just so they don’t miss their target weight loss number by one pound! 

Reason #2. Comfort and convenience 

They allow you the flexibility of being able to work out when it’s convenient for you, as opposed to following an instructor around on their schedule. 

In addition, online workouts can be done at your own pace without having any pressure from other people in the room who may be speeding through or taking longer than normal routes through certain moves. 

Reason #3. Completely  Safe

Many people will find that online fitness offers a more safe and comfortable environment in which to engage in physical activity, as it eliminates the risk of coming into contact with other people who may be ill. 

Reason #4. Pop that social isolating bubble 

Online fitness classes are a great way to meet new people and stay socialised. 

If your goal is weight loss then this type of class will also give you more motivation because there are other participants doing the same workout as well so seeing results can be very motivating. 

All in all, we highly recommend checking one out if you want to connect with other fitness enthusiasts like you!


Reason #5. Personalised courses and diets 

Since many online fitness platforms offer a variety of class options (including yoga, Pilates, cardio and strength training), participants can choose a workout routine that best suits their individual needs and preferences. 

Also, many personal trainers give a scientifically designed nutritional diet plan based on your body type and health risks. 

Final thoughts 

At 6262Fitness, This can be helpful because you can support each other, motivate each other, and even compete with each other. Additionally, in our classes, you can chat with the instructor and other participants during the class. This makes our classes more fun and engaging. 

So if you’re looking for a way to achieve your fitness goals in spite of Covid-19, consider joining our online workout classes. We’ll make sure your fitness goals are taken care of and your body remains mentally and physically healthy. Thanks for reading!

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