6262 Fitness – Mumbai’s Most Trusted Fitness & Nutrition Community

6262 Fitness – Mumbai’s Most Trusted Fitness & Nutrition Community

When starting out in the world of fitness for the first time, things can get complicated very fast. Youtube videos and fitness blogs can only do so much for you, so if you want to get serious, it’s best to join a gym or a fitness center like Mumbai’s 6262 Fitness.

Because of COVID people have started to pay more attention to their health, as such we are now more aware of the importance of healthy food and regular exercise. Here at 6262 Fitness, we offer online and offline programs that are put together by carefully analyzing our customer’s needs

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We Have You Covered

Our training programs focus on increasing the mobility, strength, stamina, and endurance as well as muscle mass of the body. And with the advent of COVID, we have also crafted training routines that help with immunity and nutrition. If you are looking to relieve stress through exercise or perhaps want to be in better health for fertility reasons, we have you covered. 

If you come by our 6262 Fitness center near Bandra West or Prabhadevi in Mumbai, speak with our Master Coach & Co-Founder Amit Dahiya or with our 6262 staff about your requirements. You can also use WhatsApp and other means of communication found on our site to get in touch. 

Our other members include the owner of 6262 fitness Pooja Rajpal, Functional coach Pranjal Mehta, and Coach/Physiotherapist Dhanasshree Umbarje. As you can see, we have a well-qualified roster of trainers and experts. Our goal is to help our customers reach that desired level and make fitness a part of their daily life.

Worried About COVID?

If the fear of infection is what’s holding you back, don’t worry. Both our 6262 studios follow the proper procedures and take the necessary precautions. For starters,

● We follow all government SOP’s

● Both workout studios are well sanitized and follow social distancing

● We keep small batches for better training during these times

● Morning and evening classes with flexible timings for your ease

● Every individual goes through the temperature check using contactless infrared thermal scanners.

Our Training Programs And Services

6262 Fitness is one of Mumbai’s most trusted fitness centers; as such, we offer a wide array of training programs. And all our training programs can be adjusted depending on your form and fitness level to maximize results. Apart from regular training, we also offer 30-Day Shred Challenge, Online Zoom Workouts, and vegan food delivery services. 

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30-Day Shred Challenge

Want to get in shape in under a month? Try our 30-Day Shred Challenge. With our program, you will get a healthy, clean & nutritious diet plan crafted by our Expert Sports Nutritionist. With a 5 times/week training schedule followed by 2 days of rest for the 30 days.

Online Zoom Workouts

If you cannot make regular trips to our fitness studios, check out our Online Zoom Workouts. You get personalized group classes, personally monitored by our master coach Amit Dahiya & his team that helps you reach your fitness goals. We help evaluate your measurements before the online workout classes so that we can guide you through the online fitness classes and diet plan according to your fitness level.

62 Vegan Street: Healthy Food At Your Doorstep

Diet plays an important role in any training program, more so when trying to shred. Suppose you are not good at measuring out your calories and choosing the right food. Use our specially designed vegan menu to get in shape, and did I mention that it’s gluten-free. And all the food items are curated by our expert sports nutritionists, so they go well with our workout programs. Check out our 62 Vegan Street now.

Our Two 6262 Fitness Locations

6262 Fitness Gym in Bandra Studio

● 5 days a week workout with like-minded fitness enthusiasts with flexible timings as per your schedule and ease.

● Complimentary online zoom classes are included with the program in case you have trouble commuting daily.

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6262 Fitness Gym in Prabhadevi

● Whether you start with a simple warm-up routine or target HIIT, 6262 Fitness gym at Prabhadevi is the recommended choice.

● Get personalized group classes with 6262 Fitness master coach Amit Dahiya & his team.

● Train right, eat right, and build right every day for a holistic transformation.

● 5 days a week workout with like-minded fitness enthusiasts with flexible timings as per your schedule and ease

● And Complimentary online zoom classes are included.

Both locations have great gym equipment, staff, and all the facilities to need, but for a more hands-on technical experience, come to 6262 Fitness in Prabhadevi. You can always consult us before making your decision to better understand your requirements.