Begin your ‘Fat off’ journey.

Begin your ‘Fat off’ journey.

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Be a Vegan Pro

Shredding extra kilos is on the bucket list of many. But how many begin to actualise it?

Do you struggle with the right eating habits or are you not aware of healthy food.?

That’s where our meals save your day!

Why Vegan ?

According to a study published by PETA, Vegans are up to 20 pounds lighter than meat-eaters.

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  • Vegan diet is one of the most healthiest diet routine to gift yourself
  • It is a supercharged food, one that helps you slim down and be energised. 
  • Vegan diet is the best way to help animals live better
  • There is no Planet B but you still have a Plan B- Vegan diet 
  • Switch to a healthier, happier, and clean vegan diet curated by our expert nutritionists

Go Gluten-free

Studies reveal that 1 out 100 people are either allergic to gluten or gluten sensitive.

Preparing a gluten free meal can be challenging due to lack of awareness. 62 Vegan Street is one of the pioneers to crack the yummy gluten free diet.

What do you get by eating a gluten free diet?

  • Gluten free diet helps you develop a better digestive system
  • Improves gut health 
  • Gives you energy to work better, faster and quicker
  • Helps to develop immunity and reduces chronic inflammation against celiac diseases
  • Gluten free diets are catalysts in shredding excess fat
  • All the gluten free diets are curated by our expert sports nutritionists

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