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45 Day Challenge

It’s a commitment of 45 days where you'll be working out under Coach Amit Dahiya's professional guidance and follow a personalized diet plan

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first 3 trial classes Are free


What makes our 45 day challenge so unique?

Enroll for our free trial classes and take the 1st step towards building a fitness regime that works for you.

How this 45 day challenge Will Help You?

Coach Amit Dahiya’s guidance will not only improve your form and posture but the right amount of exercise will keep you resilient too. 

In our online zoom classes, you will be able to train at your own pace with the flexibility of time and space. Our sports nutritionists design a detailed nutrition chart to help you to focus on adopting healthy eating habits.

These 45 days can be a life-changer for you in case you have successfully lived up to your commitment. The 45 day programme is beautifully designed so that you can sustain and continue your workouts 3 days a week. The nutrition chart is planned by our Sports Nutritionist especially for these 45 days so that you can incorporate healthy eating patterns into your lifestyle.

It’s a commitment of 45 days to yourself of working out for 3 days a week under professional guidance and eating healthy as per our nutrition plans for 45 days.

When is next 45 day challenge Starting?

Next 45 days challenge is starting 7nd nov to 21st dec

Enroll for our free trial classes and take the 1st step towards building a fitness regime that works for you.

How to Enroll for 45 day challenge?


*Don’t Let Miss on this Deal 


*Don’t Let Miss on this Deal 


*Don’t Let Miss on this Deal 

Client Testimonials

A Completely New Person In 45 Days

Shred Fat

Build Lean Muscle Mass

3 times/week (Mon, Wed & Fri)

Balanced nutrition plan included by our sports nutritionist


What are we targeting in 45 days?

  • A healthy and a fitter you
  •  Reducing the fat percentage and building the lean muscle mass
  • Sustainable and long-term results
  • Healthy eating habits as a lifestyle.

Where Is It?

  • Zoom online personalised group classes.
  • Workout at our spacious studios in Mumbai located at prime locations of Prabhadevi and Bandra.

What is 6262 Fitness ?

At 6262 Fitness, all programs (online and offline) are scientifically designed to help you improve your daily functionality. Besides, they will help you in building your overall strength, stamina and endurance as well. Our fitness programs not only focus on your physical form, but also on your immunity and nutrition. Reducing your stress hormones, increasing your fertility is also something we look at. We believe in providing an all encompassing programs to our members making it worth not only your money but time as well. Our coaches, personally trained by the Master Coach & Co-Founder Amit Dahiya will ensure you are monitored closely – correct form, technique and posture goes long ways in achieving desired results. All our programs (offline and online) are designed by Master Coach Amit Dahiya. Every class comes with demonstration of the exercises with simple and precise cues that will help you perfecting the movements easily. The brand’s mission is to help its members to integrate fitness into their daily life routines.

Meet Our Experts

Master Coach & Co-Founder, Master Trainer of Reebok Mumbai


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