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    45 Day Challenge

    “Increased physical activity attracts positive energy.”

    With this in mind, we are back with our most famous 45-day challenge. This program will assist you to accomplish your fitness goals within the set time. You’ll likewise see toned muscle definition and enhanced stamina. 

    Start your 45-day challenge and sweat now, after 45 days, you may find that your physical and emotional fitness increases alongside your intellectual wellness.

    What is the 45 day challenge?

    Searching for a way to keep yourself healthy while stuck in lockdown? 

    Take our most famous 45 day challenge commitment to lose that fat or weight that has been bothering you for months. 

    The 45-day challenge is a pledge taken by our fitness experts to transform your mind and body within 45 days (5 days per week) and gives that much-needed ‘kick start’ to your fitness journey under their proficient direction and effective diet plans designed personally by our sports nutritionists. 

    Our 45-Day Workout Challenge increases your exercise intensity gradually, so you can effortlessly stick to daily workouts. It will help you shred fat and gain muscles effectively. You will see a completely transformed person with more self-confidence in the mirror after 45 days. 

    So, what will happen in the 45-Day Fitness Challenge?


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    • A healthy and a fitter you
    •  Reducing the fat percentage and building the lean muscle mass
    • Sustainable and long-term results
    • Healthy eating habits as a lifestyle.
    • Zoom online personalised group classes.
    • We understand how gravely you need to satisfy your wellness objectives so we’ll provide flexible online Zoom Classes from 7th June 2021

    Take your workouts to the next level with this 45 Day Challenge!

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