The 75 Medium Challenge: Your Complete Guide

The 75 Medium Challenge: Your Complete Guide

Starting a fitness journey that will change your life is a big commitment, and for many, the famous 75 Hard Challenge has become a symbol of resilience and discipline. Designed by Andy Frisella, an entrepreneur, this challenge tests both mental and physical toughness as it requires participants to follow a strict schedule of daily tasks for 75 days in a row. Now, this can be quite challenging for some and not all people can complete it. 

Then, thankfully, came the 75 Medium Challenge. Just from the name alone, you can get a gist of how much easier it will be than the HARD challenge, right? This more approachable trend has many around the globe, and in this article, we will tell you all about it. 

What Exactly Is The 75 Medium Challenge?

75 Medium Challenge is a personal development program that can help you form healthier habits, get past mental blocks, and reach your exercise or weight loss goals if that’s what you desire.

As part of the challenge, you promise to follow a set of daily rules without missing a beat for 75 days. This challenge was created especially for busy people like you and offers a healthier and more long-lasting option to strict weight loss plans.

Starting the 75 Medium Challenge can be a great way to work on improving yourself and changing the way you eat to be healthier. It’s a useful and doable way to improve your health as a whole.

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Differences Between 75 Hard Challenge, 75 Medium Challenge, 75 Soft Challenge And 45 Days Challenge 

It can be hard to choose from all the “challenge” programs available online. Don’t worry, though—we’ve got this! Let’s look at the well-known 75 Hard, 75 Medium, 75 Soft, and 45 Days tasks, with a focus on why the 45 Days challenge might be the best fit for you.

75 Hard Challenge

This hard program encourages mental toughness and time management by having strict rules about what you can eat, drink, read, sleep, and work out. It can lead to great results for those who are dedicated, but its rigidity can make social life harder and may not be possible for some.

75 Medium Challenge

Looking for a middle ground? Enter the 75 Medium. Its structure is flexible, and it has unique parts like daily prayer or meditation and reading standards that can be changed. But compared to the 45-day challenge, it might not give you as much complete direction and personalized help to make the most of your transformation.

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75 Soft Challenge

This softer option is better for your health because it doesn’t have a high-pressure atmosphere. Simple rules about what to eat, work out and read make it easy to follow, but the results may not be as impressive as with the 45 Days challenge’s focused and organized approach.

The 45 Day Challenge 

With the 45 Days Challenge, here are some benefits you can look forward to:

  • Structured Program for Success: The 45 Days Challenge is different from others because it gives you a well-structured plan for how to reach your goals. It’s not enough to just finish tasks; you have to carefully follow a plan. And this will only take 45 days!
  • Long-Term Impact: This challenge is not just a sprint; it’s a marathon. With a 45-day commitment, you set the stage for long-term impact and sustainable change.
  • Support System for Everyone: The 45 Days Challenge stands out because it offers a strong support system. It was made with the help of a sports nutritionist or personal trainer or online zoom classes. and comes with an extra one-on-one session with a dietitian for extra support. Not only are your fitness goals recognized, but they are also constantly backed up.
  • Physical Transformation: The ultimate objective is to see changes in the body. For those who want to become healthier and fitter, the 45 Days task is more than just a task. It’s a complete plan for reaching your fitness and nutrition goals.

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75 Medium Challenge Rules

Once you start the 75 Medium Challenge, you’ll learn a more nuanced way of doing things that strikes a balance between change and usefulness. Let’s look at the most important parts of this journey that are meant to improve your health:

Diet: Stick To Your Choice Of Food Plan 90% Of The Time

The challenge hits you in the middle, pushing you to pay attention without being too hard. Your food choices become very important, putting an emphasis on being flexible while still sticking to a real, healthy diet. The task is clear: stick to your diet 90% of the time, with only small changes allowed. You should avoid alcohol altogether. 

Be open to change to avoid the stress that comes with following strict meal plans and create a healthy, personalized diet plan.

Exercise: One 45-Minute Workout Each Day

When it comes to exercise, the 75 Medium Challenge suggests that quality is more important than quantity. Do a 45-minute workout every day that fits your needs, whether that’s cardio, weights, strength training, or outdoor sports. To keep going and avoid getting burned out, you should focus on doing a variety of fun workouts.

Water: Drink Half Your Body Weight (in Ounces) in Water Each Day

The challenge gives you a daily water goal of half your body weight in ounces, which is both familiar and new. Embrace the math, which will keep you hydrated without limiting how you drink your daily water. Tweak it by adding flavour packs or protein powders based on your tastes.

Progress Picture: Take Photos On Day 1 And Day 75 

Take precise shots of your progress every day, from day 1 to day 75, to see how you’ve changed. This practical method fits into your busy schedule and gives you real proof of your success. Seeing your progress pictures on a regular basis is a great way to stay motivated and see how your journey is changing your life.

Mindfulness: Meditate /Pray for 5 Minutes Each Day 

Uniquely, daily mindfulness takes centre stage. Daily awareness is the only thing that takes centre stage. Spend five minutes meditating or praying, which is an exceptional way to help you think about yourself. A short break every day for mindfulness makes your challenge more complete and fits a wide range of personal tastes.

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Personal Development: Read or Listen to 10 Minutes of Personal Development Each Day

Aligned with your growth, this challenge adds flexibility to personal development. You can read books, listen to CDs, or listen to podcasts. There are no strict page limits. Change this rule to fit your needs.

You see, this challenge gives you easy access to personal growth and lets you participate in ways that suit your needs.

Wrapping Up!

All in all, the 75 Medium Challenge strikes a sweet spot between the rigidity of 75 Hard and the leniency of 75 Soft. It puts an emphasis on mental health, personal growth, and better habits, and it’s designed to be flexible for all. 

Do consult healthcare professionals and adjust the challenge to fit your needs. Remember that this isn’t a race; it’s a journey. Appreciate the balance, enjoy the little victories, and see the power of taking consistent, mindful action.

Until next time, we will leave you here with our best wishes! 

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