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All of us desire a stronger & healthier body with a sharp mind. The goal of our personal trainers is to teach people how to bring that dream into becoming reality.

Which of the following BEST Describes Where You Are Currently?

I’m too skinny and need to gain muscle with a vegetarian diet.

I don't have enough time to train effectively.

I need the plan to kickstart my weight loss

I need a trainer who will hold me accountable

We know you’ve tried a million things: diets, exercise videos, and books full of tips. But none of them has worked—and you’re still where you started: frustrated and disappointed in yourself.

You need a coach assisting people like you in achieving their fitness goals.

That’s where we come in. We’re here to help you get into the best shape of your life with our scientific programs designed specifically for each body type. We put our clients through a workout that includes strength and conditioning, cardio and core, and functional and endurance muscle training. 

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A few of 10,000 transformations


How do we handle people with particular issues?



Heart Disease




Posture Correction


Body Alignment


We work with clients with diabetes, heart conditions, cancer, or any other condition or injury that might hinder their ability to exercise normally. We do this by customising our workouts for them—often by working around their existing limitations, but sometimes by helping them overcome them altogether.

Our personal trainers use therapeutic exercise, pain management techniques, and even massage therapy to help clients recovering from surgery or chronic pain manage their pain while also getting in shape.

Obesity/Weight Loss


Weight Gain






Back & Neck pain


About our personal trainers in Mumbai

All of our trainers/coaches are certified and experienced. Our Head Coach & Co-Founder, 6262fitness Amit Dahiya personally trains all of our coaches, so they are exceptionally well versed with all the execution of the program. We assign each client a coach based on their goals and experience in that particular field. For example, we would assign a strength and conditioning coach to an athlete, but that same coach would also be able to handle patients very well. We are a small team of professionals with well-versed knowledge in the fitness industry because our owners and Founders themselves are qualified dieticians and personal trainers.

Founder Dietician and Fitness Coach, certified by the American college of sports and medicine
Head Coach & Co-Founder, 6262fitness Coach at Reebok Running Squad, Mumbai
Founder Dietician and Fitness Coach, certified by the American college of sports and medicine
Head Coach & Co-Founder, 6262fitness Coach at Reebok Running Squad, Mumbai

Feel the 6262Fitness difference

Join the other 2000 fitness enthusiasts leveraging the best-personalized workout program from coach Amit Dahiya to improve their body’s physical performance and appearance. You will see the same results if you train hard.

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What to do If I’m not satisfied with my session?

Although, it hardly happens in our case because we believe in scientifically designed training programs with the usage of the right equipment. But even if you’re not satisfied, please tell to our trainer. They will try to make the changes in the routine as per your needs with the help of Head Coach & Co-Founder, 6262fitness Amit Dahiya.

How do I find a good workout trainer in Mumbai?

The first thing to do is ask yourself what kind of exercise you want to do. Is it weightlifting? Cardio? Yoga? There are a lot of workouts out there, and finding the right one for you can really help you achieve your goals. Once you've got that narrowed down, it's time to start looking for a good workout trainer in Mumbai.

Try searching online for local gyms or meetup groups that offer classes or personal training sessions in your area. Do they have any certifications or qualifications? Do they offer any extra services like nutrition counselling or massage therapy? Finally, consider location. You'll probably want a trainer who's nearby to your home.

Is it worth paying for a personal trainer in Mumbai?

Well, that depends on what you want to get out of it. If you're looking for a way to lose/gain weight, then yes, definitely. Personal trainers in Mumbai are experts at helping their clients achieve their goals. They'll be able to give you personalised workouts that will help you burn fat, build muscle and feel good about yourself. Plus, they'll hold you accountable and make sure that you stay on track with your workouts and diet plan.

Do you also offer diet plan/nutrition counselling etc, with your training packages?

Yes, we offer a research-backed nutrition plan that is tailored to your needs. We will work with you to create a diet plan that fits into your lifestyle and goals and make sure it's easy for you to follow. 

Can I select /ask for the trainer of my choice?

At 6262Fitness, the trainers are assigned by the Head Coach & Co-Founder, 6262fitness Amit Dahiya, once he is done reading your reports and developing a plan for you. 

He matches you up with a trainer based on your needs. For athletes, this means we assign a sports coach. We have specialists in different fitness domains—from weight loss to strength training to yoga—so that you can get the most out of your experience.

How long will the session with the trainer be?

Our one session will last approximately one hour and fifteen minutes. The first part of the session includes a proper warm-up and dynamic stretches, with the remainder of the time spent on a complete workout tailored to your specific requirements/goals. The session concludes with a cool down and static stretching exercises to help bring your heart rate back to normal.

Can I change my trainer in between or after the first session?

If you choose to maintain your training with us but would like to switch trainers between or after the first session, please let our Head Coach & Co-Founder, 6262fitness Amit Dahiya know. He always provides Personalized attention and is constantly available for one phone call. We will definitely listen to your point and if you are not satisfied then will assign someone else as Client satisfaction is the priority.

How much do personal trainer charge for fitness classes in Mumbai?

Fitness instructors charge anywhere from 2k to 5k per session on average for fitness classes in Mumbai.

The answer depends on a few factors: the type of exercise class you want to take, whether it's an individual or group class, and the level of expertise that your trainer has.

Tell us more about the different types of packages and training you offer, like functional training etc.

Our trainers provide a wide range of strength, endurance and hypertrophy training, including core and cardio, HIIT, Tabata, sports-specific, Yoga and training post your rehab.