How To Increase Athleticism

How To Increase Athleticism

Let’s be real, for a lot of us, the only exercise we get is climbing up and down the stairs. But for those of us who actually work out, we tend to stick to lifting weights or doing cardio. And yeah, you might think, why bother with anything else? Isn’t the ultimate goal just losing fat and getting ripped? Well, turns out being athletic actually improves your whole quality of life. It helps you move better, play better, work better, and age more gracefully. So if you want to up your game and feel better overall, there are some tweaks you can make to your workout routine. We’ve gathered some tips from the experts to get you started, so keep reading!

18 Tips On How To Increase Athleticism

As we’ve learned a ton about how athletes develop over time, thanks to science and experience. Now, we can use that knowledge to help athletes or people aspiring to be more athletic of all ages.

1. Relative Strength and Absolute Strength Goes Hand In Hand

Developing absolute strength is different compared to relative strength, and both have their benefits. However, with modern tech and sciences progressing, there have been many changes in the health and fitness industry. As much as absolute strength gives us the extra bar in terms of pure strength and perfect muscle, relative strength allows for a more flexible and enduring foundation. This will give more flexibility and versatility in your daily life, like a simple walk-to-office or when there is a labour in need. The catch is to achieve maximum improvement and focus on building a strong foundation. Once that’s in place, work towards a more well-rounded approach and aim to become strong for your body size. Expand your workout routine to include bodyweight exercises, sprints, jumps, and movements that mimic those of an athlete.

2. Unilateral Fitness 

Performing an exercise using only one arm or leg is known as unilateral training. Usually, exercises involve both limbs moving together, such as a bench press. Although this can be effective for building muscle, it may not fully mirror movements in everyday life. So one should also focus on developing a single muscle that can give more balance practically in real-life situations. Its better to take the help of personal trainer while performing Unilateral exercise.

3. Increase your Coordination

Having greater athleticism does not only mean eating healthy meals and bodyweight training; it is an all-around development of the body. Most great boxers use this training a lot, and it does not disappoint. You can start with 100 skips a day for that extra activeness and versatility,

4. Functional Mobility: The Path To Greatness

Functional mobility basically means a person’s ability to move around on their own in different settings, like at home, work, or out in the community. It’s all about being able to do the things you need to do and participate in daily activities without any problems. It is important because it keeps us coordinated and functional. After all, if you focus on strength training alone, it carries the risk of injury. These types of exercises include slow-paced movements with weights which increase resistance. Exercise like the Romanian deadlift is a great example, as it includes pace, strength and functionality in a single exercise. This is because there is a term called “Time Under Tension”, which simply means you slow down the pace while you are using your strength the most. Increasing the time under tension while using the most strength will help tear your facial layers and muscle tissue in a way that promotes growth and strength. Read about The Difference Between Strength Training and Functional Training?

5. Try Basic Movements Like Skipping

You may have heard someone say something along the lines of “skipping is for girls”, but the funny thing is that top male athletes like Manny Pacquiao, Mayweather and many more have been using it for years. Including skipping in your warm-up routine can help you improve your sprinting mechanics and coordination without risking injury. This exercise can also serve as a type of athletic movement and be used to extend your warm-up.

6. Explode With Strength

It’s best to do explosive workouts before strength training because they need a lot of effort and focus to do correctly. Doing them after strength training could lead to decreased power and a higher risk of injury because of fatigue. To stay safe and perform well, take breaks of 2-3 minutes between sets to rest and prevent fatigue. This will help you recover and avoid injury. Explosive exercises like sprint intervals, box jumps, and high knees are one of the most efficient for these techniques.

7. Increasing Your Base Strength 

When you hit the gym, the most fundamental techniques of strength will usually include exercises like bench press which focus on significant compounds of the muscle. This will increase your overall performance vastly and help in doing other exercises easier. As the phrase goes, “Old is Gold”, so stick to the fundamentals and the rewards are promising. Other exercises include squats, deadlifts etc.

8. Develop Explosive Methods

Although we have mentioned how the basics are the foundation for more athletic performance, keep in mind that being athletic means an all-around development, and everything is equally important. Explosive movements can help you be more aggressive positively in real-life work situations as they can help whether your profession is boxing, basketball or even office work where physical work is required. These exercises can be relatively setting friendly as they can be done almost anywhere. You can run on roads and perform sprints with time laps or throw air punches with a timer. If you want to workout from anywhere and need some help with training you can go for online zoom classes for your journey.

9. Multiplanar Movements And Their Benefits

Multiplanar movements are when a joint moves in more than one direction – like up and down, side to side, and rotation. Our bodies are built to move in different directions, and multiplanar training is a great way to challenge yourself and boost your overall movement efficiency. Working your body in multiple planes can actually make you a better athlete and reduce your risk of getting hurt. A plus point includes that it makes everyday stuff easier too, like walking up stairs or carrying your kids.

10. Improve Repetitions 

Rather than focusing on one heavy set, which is clearly for powerlifters, try improving your max reps with multiple sets. For example, you can try increasing your squat reps from 10 reps to 12 with three sets. You can further increase this multi-level strength by doing supersets. This will be a considerable challenge; achieving it will only get you higher and help you understand your athletic capabilities.

11. Rotational Movements

Rotational-specific sports like tennis, baseball, and cricket require movements that are different compared to other training. These involve swinging arms with power and balance. Some exercises include sledge hammers and rotational kettlebells.

12. Mobility of the Thoracic Spine

Our spine plays a big role in our everyday movements since we need to be able to twist, bend, and stretch in all kinds of ways. Your thoracic spine is especially important for daily life, like reaching into cupboards, doing yard work, getting out of cars, and even just getting out of bed. And when you take a deep breath, your rib cage expands, and your thoracic spine extends, which can help you move more easily. So if you’re looking to improve your mobility and stability, try squeezing your butt muscles during overhead exercises.

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13. Nutrition Balance

Did you know that having a higher ratio of muscle to fat can help you produce more force? It’s true because when you have more muscle and less fat, your body composition is better, and you’re able to generate more power. So even if you’ve burned a certain amount of calories, it’s not a good idea to just eat that same amount back. Instead, try periodizing your nutrition, keeping an eye on what you eat, and using certain supplements to help improve your muscle-to-fat ratio. 

14. Medicine Balls 

Medicine balls are quite affordable, simple to use, and can be kept easily. They provide extra challenges to make muscles stronger and more toned. Holding a heavy ball regularly can help you get a strong and athletic body in a short while. However, since they are also heavy and not so easy to handle. If you do not use it correctly, it might even make you more prone to getting hurt.

15. Explosive Sprints

For better performance, it’s best to sprint before lifting weights. This wakes up your nervous system and helps with heavy and explosive training. But there’s a risk involved because if you overdo it, you’ll be too tired to lift. To avoid this, start with some sub-maximal speed drills like skips and low-intensity sprints for lesser minutes after your warm-up. This will help you improve your strength, conditioning, and athleticism.

16. Stay Hydrated

Staying hydrated is one of the most important things when working out. It’s easy to get dehydrated, especially if you’re really pushing yourself, as the body loses fluids through sweat, so make sure you have some water handy. But don’t go overboard, as drinking too much water before your workout can actually make you feel bloated and nauseous, which is definitely not ideal. So, keep some water nearby and stick by the ideal 500ml to 1l for best results.

17. Recovery And Its Magic

Athletes and trainers who strive for excellence know the significance of recovery as part of their training. Studies have shown that taking rest days is crucial for muscles to recharge their glycogen levels, which lessens muscle fatigue and readies them for the next workout. It also provides the brain with rest, as excessive exercise can drain both the mind and body. By including a consistent stretching routine, it’s even possible to improve your range of movement and achieve better performance.

18. Focus On The Mental

You must’ve known by now that mental training is just as important as physical training when it comes to sports or real-life challenges. Athletes like Michael Jordan, Mohhamad Ali, and Christiano Ronaldo all have one thing in common: their competitiveness, which comes from their mental preparation. Some studies also show that when you’re operating at your peak mental and physical levels, you’re more likely to reach your full potential.

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With that being said, it is humanly impossible to follow all the 18 steps from day one or even years. However, you can slowly add these tips to your lifestyle and turn them into habits. No matter what you’re trying to achieve, improving your athleticism will have a positive impact on your life in and out of the gym. So stay safe, and we hope you have what it takes to achieve peak athleticism!

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