The best part of training at the studio gym is to train with the community of like minded fitness enthusiasts.


It’s a commitment of 45 days to yourself of working out for 3 days a week under professional guidance and eating healthy as per our nutrition plans for 45 days.


Everything. You get complete online gym training. Feel the gym at home with our online gym classes.

What is 6262 Fitness all about?

6262 Fitness is a fastest growing fitness community committed to helping you become better, fitter and healthier through Cardio, HIIT, Nutrition & SNC.

Tailor made fitness packages for you

What do you get?

  • Offline and Online fitness training that will suit your fitness level 
  • Personalised group classes, monitored by Head Coach & Co-Founder, 6262fitness Amit Dahiya & his team
  • One on One Personal training
  • Healthy, clean and nutritious diet plan by our expert sports nutritionist
  • Experience mind and body transformation

Develop your health and fitness with our top-rated gyms near Prabhadevi & Bandra!

In our best gyms in Prabhadevi & Bandra, we offer customized plans that are tailored to your specific needs and goals, we have the latest equipment, and our team of certified professionals will guide you every step of the way. Plus, we’re affordable and convenient, so you can fit into your busy schedule without sacrificing time or money.

If you’re ready to make a change for the better, come see us at the best gyms in Prabhadevi & Bandra! We’ll help you get on the path to total health and happiness.

Why do you need a Personal Trainer?

  • A recent study by the Journal of Sports Science & Medicine says that a personal trainer can help you achieve your fitness goals by more than 30% than the usual gym exercise routine without the personal trainer.
  • Presence of a personal trainer can make a lot of difference in your gym exercise routine by providing you tips, support, helping you realise your strength, and motivating you to push yourself out of your comfort zone.
  • A personal trainer can help you get the effective goal oriented fitness strategy that is just right for you to achieve your fitness goals. 
  • Week on week they can help you alter the strategies and try new workouts as per your fitness needs.
  • A personal trainer can track your progress week on week and keep guiding you throughout the journey of transformation.
  • Getting better, fitter and healthier is a total commitment process and a personal trainer can help you be true to your commitment without veering off.
  • Training and diet regimen goes hand in hand. A personal trainer along with expert sports nutritionists plan your diet so that you develop a healthy eating pattern for sustainable long term results.
  • A personal trainer can be your workout partner who can teach you how to lift equipment the right way, support you to exercise and teach you about muscles so that you can learn about your body. 

Join us at our Best Gyms in Prabhadevi and Bandra

Train at the best Gym in Bandra

  • Lockdown is easing out but don’t you ease out so early. Kickstart your day with a passionate workout at Bandra Studio. 
  • Shred off your excess fat and build a lean muscle mass 
  • 5 days a week workout at the best gym in Bandra with like minded fitness enthusiasts with flexible timings as per your schedule and ease
  • Complimentary online zoom classes included. 

Train at the Best Gym in Prabhadevi

  • Whether you start with simple gym exercise routine or target HIIT, 6262 Fitness gym at Prabhadevi is your right choice
  • Get personalised group classes with 6262 Fitness Head Coach & Co-Founder, 6262fitness Amit Dahiya & his team
  • Train right, eat right and build right every day for a holistic transformation
  • 5 days a week workout with like minded fitness enthusiasts with flexible timings as per your schedule and ease
  • Complimentary online zoom classes included

Meet Our Experts

Founder Dietician and Fitness Coach, certified by the American college of sports and medicine
Head Coach & Co-Founder, 6262fitness Coach at Reebok Running Squad, Mumbai
Founder Dietician and Fitness Coach, certified by the American college of sports and medicine
Head Coach & Co-Founder, 6262fitness Coach at Reebok Running Squad, Mumbai

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What our Clients say

sai charan
sai charan
It was in lockdown that I realised that I should reduce my weight. I used to weigh 125kgs and had no proper control on eating habits. Joining 6262 fitness was the best decision I have made. Because of Amit sir and the entire team's guidance I have reduced my weight to 95kgs within an year. Also, I was sceptical about zoom class. But thanks to Amit sir and entire 6262 fitness team they have taken every minute things into consideration and monitored perfectly. I also thank pooja mam for her constant support and motivation.
Krena Jain
Krena Jain
At first i was sceptical about online Zoom classes whether it will be worthful or no, but with 6262 fitness my mindset has changed. It was beyond my expectations. The team is wonderful , motivating and enthusiastic. Loved the personal attention one gets and the continuous focus on forms , correct postures and perfection. Really there is no room for mediocrity. I'm really glad to be a part of it.
aarthi thakur
aarthi thakur
The 6262 team is simply awsm from innovative n challenging workouts to the constant motivation by all the trainers. Everyday I see myself get closer to my fitness goals thnx to this dedicated bunch !! Love their enthusiasm n energy... They make sure every workout is diff frm the other. There is something new to learn n look forward to every session. I've bn an online trainee but feels like I'm at the gym for a personal training sesh . There is detailed explanation to the posture technique for every exercise n ur form is correct ed incase u go wrong . U guys are doin a fab job I am so glad to hv connected with the 6262 team . Spcl mention to Pooja for her prompt response everytime ❤️😇
Ambica marken
Ambica marken
I started doing gym in 2014 but I learned the correct form and technique to do a exercise when I started my fitness classes in lockdown last year with Coach Amit dhaiya and team 62626 fitness,no doubt saying he is one of the best coaches to workout with.There way of conducting the classes is super awesome.A great thanks to 6262 fitness pooja mam,pranjal sir and Rahul sir too..Been a great experience.
Shilpa Jain-Balvally
Shilpa Jain-Balvally
Great place for workouts, core, cardio ,body exercises , all- which keeps it very interesting ! Edit : Be it online during these pandemic times , its yet even more focused and personalized with 3 coaches in every class . Great setup!Much needed in these times!
Tanvi Katdare
Tanvi Katdare
I wanted to really thank entire 6262 team (you, Amit, Rahul and Pranjal) for working so hard and passionately since lockdown. I would like to share my experience. I had joined 6262 to remain fit during lockdown. It started with body weight training which then progressed to training with 4kgs. I hadn't thought of lifting higher than that, however, thanks to Amit, he made sure that everyone is increasing their weights, by constantly straining on the fact "you won't see progress, unless you lift heavier or get out of that comfort zone". Although, I was pretty dicey about lifting 7.5kg, I gradually developed strength to lift it. Surprisingly, I was able to understand the movement better for few exercises like dumbbell clean, snatch etc. after the weights were increased. Thank you Amit for constantly pushing everyone out of their comfort zone. I would like to thank Rahul, for keeping sessions energetic and lively by cheering, encouraging, understanding and also motivating everyone to finish that last incomplete rep even after 30 or 45 secs were over. I would like to thank Pranjal for being patient and correcting the form each time for everyone after explaining the workout and giving everyone time to adapt to the workout. I am glad that I could learn so much more about core and strength training from all of you.😊
Supriya Jhunjhunwala
Supriya Jhunjhunwala
Excellent trainers superb fitness studio

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How much time is needed to transform your body?

Every individual is unique so are their fitness goals and needs. Above all, it requires total commitment. If you stick to our workout plan and diet plan you will see the results yourself.

Do I need to be in Mumbai to join 6262 Fitness?

You don’t have to be in Mumbai physically to be a part of 6262 Fitness community. Register with our Online Zoom Classes and get started with gym exercise routine anywhere in India.

I am a beginner. Do I need a personal trainer?

Hiring a personal trainer is totally your choice. However, personal trainers can help you achieve your fitness goals by more than 30% with dedicated support, training and regular tracking of your fitness progress. If you don’t know your fitness goals, or are confused where to start, consider hiring a personal trainer and get, set, training right.

What if I am a beginner with no training equipment?

That should not be a problem. Only resistance bands and Dumbbells are mandatory. 

You can purchase these from our dedicated online store along with many other equipment such as Non slip Yoga Tego Mat, professional Hex Dumbbell set, resistance bands, or Ace Blend Vegan Protein,etc.