Non Slip Yoga Tego Mat

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TEGO GuideAlign™ DESIGN: We all need a little assurance when performing a new yoga or workout pose. That’s why we use the GuideAlign™ design – to create a beautifully thought out posture reference map – to help you check your angle and take the full benefit of a pose. These include a Centre point Mandala, a Straight Line running through middle of the mat, and 45 degrees references to suit any height or workout style.
TRULY REVERSIBLE: Feel for the Grip you want Keeping in mind, different priorities and preferences for kind of workout you want to practice, the Stance mat is dual layered and combines a sticky side (with the GuideAlign™) on one side, coupled with a raised ultra-tactile honeycomb surface on the other. You can now stop picking your favorite side on a mat, and use the different textures to incorporate new styles of workouts and challenge your routine.
CLOSED CELL CONSTRUCTION: There is nothing more annoying than having your mat flake out, and start stinking just as you start getting used to it. The enemy here is usually moisture. The mat tends to become a source ground for sweat accumulation during rigorous workouts – which leads to breeding of bacteria that cause decay and odour. TEGO Stance mat’s closed cell construction reduces the impact of your sweat seeping into the mat thereby improving durability and overall hygiene.
SUPERIOR CUSHIONING BALANCED WITH PORTABILITY: Quality material and 5mm thickness ensure that the TEGO Stance mat is the practical choice for those looking for a mat that makes it easy on the joints, and light enough to lug around between home, the studio, and wherever else you want to practice. The TEGO Stance mat also comes with a carefully thought out quiver bag with a padded shoulder strap, and separate storage space for your keys, wallet, or a phone.
RESPONSIBLE MATERIAL & ANTIMICROBIAL PROTECTION: With many new innovations in materials used for mats today, PVC remains the most relevant from the viewpoint of balancing grip, cushioning, and weight. The PVC used for the TEGO Stance mat is free from lead and 6 most harmful phthalates. The TEGO Stance mat is also treated with antimicrobial technology for added protection from odour causing bacteria.
Size: 72 Inches (Length) x 24 Inches (Width)

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A truly reversible mat, with a functional design to add stability to your workout. On one side, the GuideAlign™ helps keep your posture in check. So you can balance better, stretch deeper, and achieve the full benefit of a pose. Reverse the mat, and the honeycomb texture provides a confident non-slip grip for those extended sweaty sessions. No Slipping, No Shaking. Just a perfect Stance every time.