10 Workout Tips by Head Coach Amit Dahiya to Triple your Workout Effectiveness

10 Workout Tips by Head Coach Amit Dahiya to Triple your Workout Effectiveness

Every individual desires to look fit by putting in fewer efforts, isn’t it? It is literally possible to burn some serious calories in say 30-45 minutes of span without vigorously putting in 1 to 1.5 hours of effortless workout. It is advised to workout at least 3-4 times a week for 30-45 minutes per session to have a lean, healthy, fit body with stronger muscles. If you run tight on your schedules, sparing mere 30-45 minutes a day for 4 weeks could help you see some good results. Yes, you read it right at first. 

This article covers 10 most effective workout tips to triple the results of your workout efforts. The workout tips are suggested by the head coach Amit Dahiya. First, let’s get to know who Amit Dahiya is. Amit Dahiya is the co-founder and head coach at 6262 fitness. He is a fitness expert and a CrossFit Coach, Squad Leader Reebok Mumbai. An inspiration to many.  He is himself an example that a Vegan can also have a good body with complete protein requirements and balanced nutrition.   

Here are some crazy tips and workouts by the head coach Amit Dahiya. To follow this workout, you need to discuss with your doctor first, if you have any health condition- to practice safe workout. The workout plan listed below is a high intense workout. If you are a beginner then it is advised to take it slow to avoid any injury. 

Don’t just blindly follow the workout, this is for people who have advanced workout plans and want to see far better results in less time. So tag along!


  • Limit your workout to 30-45 minutes:

Before starting to workout, practice 5-7 minutes of warm-up exercise such as spot jogging, jumping jacks, high knees and some dynamic stretches. When you workout, your body starts to burn calories after 20 minutes of exercise. Yes, this is a fact. 

So, if you really want to see results, start practicing 30-45 minutes of workout followed by cool down and static stretches for 10 minutes.

  • High-intensity interval- training workout: 

If you’re a beginner in starting out a workout, it is better to take it slow to avoid any injury. For instance you’re new at running or cycling then start with brisk walking first while jogging in between for 5 minutes to build stamina and endurance for at least 21 days. Once you’ve built that endurance, take a step forward in a high intense workout. For the starters, you may follow online workout classes

  • Protein:

Proteins are vital for overall health of the body especially in building muscles and strength. It is suggested by head coach Amit Dahiya to include proteins such as almonds, spinach, broccoli, lentils, legumes etc. with every meal. After the workout you may choose to drink protein shakes offered by many good brands like AceBlend which is a plant based complete protein. They taste good and are also effective. 

  • Water:

You may have heard several times, stay hydrated at all times. Drinking water or fluids help remove toxins from the body. Even while working out, make sure to sip water in between sets. Because you sweat out while working out which makes the body dehydrated. This leads to reduction in performance. Also water enhances recovery post workout.


You must have heard several times, reduce carbs in your diet. Even the trending “Keto-diet” focuses on low carbs and high fat and protein diet. But most of you must be unaware of the fact that carbs are the body’s main source of fuel and carbs are needed for the function of the brain.

If you’re performing a high-intense workout, you will definitely need carbs to generate energy for better results. Hence always stick to a balanced nutrition plan which is more sustainable. 

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  • Slow lifting:

Always, always practice slow exercises forms such as when doing squats, go slow in the sitting posture (down) and come back slowly in the standing position (up). The aim is to feel every muscle contracting, this type of workout is far more effective. If all this feels overwhelming, hire personal training classes for yourself and get special workout programs designed for your body type and your goals. 

  • Light to Heavier weights: 

When you are starting to workout, you must start with light weight training for a few days to avoid any injury. For instance when lifting weight in muscle training start with 1 kg moving forward to 2 kgs then 5 kgs, 7kgs and so on and so forth. This will give you a good form of workout. Don’t sacrifice good form for heavy weight which is nothing but baseless. 

  • Pick a workout:

Pick a workout that your body needs, not what you just enjoy the most. Workouts/exercises are just like medicines, you need to take the one you need, not the one that tastes good.

This will make sure most of the times that you are medically fit.

  • Importance of a pre-workout meal:

Many either don’t know about this or choose to ignore the fact. A good pre-workout meal can enhance your performance and make sure faster and better results in the long run. A pre-workout meal can be anything like a full fruit banana, apple or handful of dry fruits like 5 pcs of walnuts or 10 pistaches to 5 pcs of almonds just about 20 mins pre-workout

  • Listen to music:

To fire up your workout, play some workout music in the background while exercising to boost mood and energy levels. And while cooling down, opt for slow music to recover after your high-intense workout. Listening to slow music will make the heartbeat and blood pressure normal and help you recover ASAP. 


  • Importance of static stretches:

Cool down or static stretches are very important as they make sure the soreness is less, recovery is good. You need to hold the static stretch for at least 20-40 seconds to actually get the benefits. This is generally ignored by many and then you are extremely prone to injuries

Hope all these workout tips will help you with an effective workout routine. Follow these workout tips as listed by expert coach Amit Dhaiya. Between each workout regime, take a short break of 1 minute when you feel shortness of breath or tired. This will be a great impact on your exercise forms. Lastly, wind up your functional training by doing cool down exercises for 2 minutes and stretching of the overall body.