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45 Day Challenge

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Right Form

Our trainers teach our clients how to strengthen their bodies with good form and safely lift heavy objects.

Detailed Diet Plan

We provide a personalised diet plan that's backed by research and designed by our certified nutritionist.

How to Start ?

You can count on us to help you at every step of your fitness journey by developing a custom plan tailored to your needs.

Weight Control

We provide a game plan for our members to improve strength, cardio capacity’s, and nutritional habits.


True fitness isn’t about being muscular. It’s about performance.

Having a shredded and athletic body is cool but that type of physique comes as a result of actually being an athlete.

The reason this program works is because I don’t focus on just building glamour muscles. If you want to look like an athlete then you need to train like one.

You will build strength and power, body control, mobility, endurance, and more. As you get stronger, your outer appearance will begin to reflect it.

Don’t believe me? Take a look at our testimonials below.

-Coach Amit Dahiya

What is the 45 day challenge?

It’s a commitment of 45 days to yourself of working out for 6 days a week under professional guidance and eating healthy as per our nutrition plans for 45 days.

These 45 days can be a life-changer for you in case you have successfully lived up to your commitment.

The 45 day programme is beautifully designed so that you can sustain and continue your workouts 6 days a week. The nutrition chart is planned by our Sports Nutritionist especially for these 45 days so that you can incorporate healthy eating patterns into your lifestyle.

We can help you rebuild your new lifestyle from your home

Live Workout Classes

These classes are designed to burn tons of calories inside and out of the gym. They are designed to have you burning more calories throughout the day and compliment your strength program.

Personalized Coaching

Our group classes are personally monitored by master coach Amit Dahiya & his team which helps you to build consistency and thereby reach your fitness goals.

Nutrition plan and 1:1 dietician consultations

With a direct consultation from our dietician, you can get the techniques to make your dieting a success. She'll ensure that you're getting the most out of our meals.

Sample Format: Week 1

Day 1:

12 mins
6 DB Front Rack Squats
8 TRX / Banded Rows
16 Hand plank knee to elbow

20 mins
20 Drop Squats
16 Single DB Clean & Rotational Press ( alt )
12 1 Half + 1Full Burpee

Note: 1half + 1full will be counted as one rep and like this 12 reps & not standing up after half burpee.

Day 3:

12 mins
Every 2 mins X 6 sets
5 Push-ups
10 Deadlift
30 Mountain Climbers

20 mins
40/20 Single DB Backward lunge to overheard press (L)
40/20 Single DB Backward lunge to overheard press (R)
40/20 V-Ups
40/20 Loop Band pull apart

Day 5:

12 mins
Every 2 mins X 6 sets
5 Push-ups
10 Deadlift
30 Mountain Climbers

20 mins
40/20 Single DB Backward lunge to overheard press (L)
40/20 Single DB Backward lunge to overheard press (R)
40/20 V-Ups
40/20 Loop Band pull apart

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45 day challenge


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What makes our 45 day challenge so unique?

What is 6262 Fitness ?

At 6262 Fitness, all programs (online and offline) are scientifically designed to help you improve your daily functionality. Besides, they will help you in building your overall strength, stamina and endurance as well. Our fitness programs not only focus on your physical form, but also on your immunity and nutrition. Reducing your stress hormones, increasing your fertility is also something we look at. We believe in providing an all encompassing programs to our members making it worth not only your money but time as well. Our coaches, personally trained by the Master Coach & Co-Founder Amit Dahiya will ensure you are monitored closely – correct form, technique and posture goes long ways in achieving desired results. All our programs (offline and online) are designed by Master Coach Amit Dahiya. Every class comes with demonstration of the exercises with simple and precise cues that will help you perfecting the movements easily. The brand’s mission is to help its members to integrate fitness into their daily life routines.

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